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50th Anniversary fundraising exceeds our goal!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

With help from many people we exceeded our goal. That turned out to be a good thing for us since after erecting the planned sign we decided it really needed a back side. We're planning for that now to include a map and a brief history of the lake. We think this will make it worthy of calling it a Historic Marker!

The cost of the back side of the sign is still being negotiated but is estimated at approximately $400, so our fundraising efforts have made this possible.

In addition to the sign already erected, the funds purchased a great anniversary flag flying at the Marina, and paid for costs of the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Many people contributed to the fund and we can not name them all since some came in cash, and some by purchase of product at the Marina. We are grateful for all of them!

We had donors at the following levels:

Platinum - $2000

Gold - $1000

Silver - $500

Bronze - $20 to $499

Following are the donors we can acknowledge, sincere apologies to any we may have missed

Platinum - Rose Ogden

Gold - HLCS, Paul Corsaro

Silver - Lake Committee

Bronze - Patty O'Conner, Courtney Condon, Christine Shafer, Megan Walsh, Mary Nice,

- Donna McGinley, Cindy Young, John Reedy, Monica Smith, Mary Petruzzi,

- Kellie Bowling, Steve & Brenda Anderson, Dave Grandidier, Mike Wiseman,

- Heritage Heartland Homemakers

Finally, thanks to everyone who helped with the labor of many hours, on the committee, erecting the sign, and so much more.

Though it appears there will be little or no un-spent donations, in the event we have leftover funds, those will be donated to the Lake Committee to allow us to close out this fundraising.

Thank you!

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