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HLPOA Government Committee

Report from the Heritage Lake Government Committee

By: Dick Werner - Chairman

Government Committee Report Jan 13, 2020

  1. Putnam County Commissioners and Putnam County Council together finalized the County assumption of former not-for-profit Operation Life Emergency Services, now called Putnam County EMS. As of Jan 1, 2020, Putnam County EMS now serves residents from 3 locations, Bainbridge, Greencastle and Cloverdale. PC hopes to reduce response times in remote areas of the county, which have averaged 20+ minutes under OL, which was based only in Greencastle. Now that the Bainbridge location has reopened, Bainbridge Fire has expressed an interest in sharing space so as to have boarding for firefighters in inclement weather. Commissioners and Council are considering the request.

  2. HL’s own Steve Forsgren, recruiter for US Census, requested and received permission from PC Commissioners to set up recruitment station in PC Courthouse lobby Jan 6 and 7. He is also recruiting from the Clubhouse on some Fridays. Anyone interested should contact Steve for some part time, set your own schedule work, pay starts at 16.50 Per hour. Check with office for contact info for Steve.

  3. PC Commissioners approved county board appointments, personnel appointments and commissioners appointments for next legislative session.

  4. The Indiana Economic Development Commission has requested all counties to pass local ordinance supporting an initiative to provide broadband service county-wide. Ordinance was passed, though providers are not facing a deadline as of yet for compliance. There is hope for HL residents not currently able to get broadband, though timing is uncertain. Endeavor has agreed to bring broadband to new marina building, so residents adjacent to marina may get sooner relief than others. Contact Endeavor with your request for broadband service!

  5. Clear Creek Conservancy District will hold Annual meeting this week on Thursday, January 16th, starting at 7pm. One Board seat on CCCD Board is up for re-election. Seat holder is Jerry Woods, and I, Dick Werner , Chair of HLPOA Government Committee, am contesting the incumbent for this seat. I will appreciate your consideration to support my effort to contribute to our community on the CCCD board. Voting is Jan 16, 4 to 7 pm, just prior to the Annual meeting. Stop by our clubhouse on your way to/from wherever and cast your vote!

Editor's note:  The CCCD election meeting mentioned in this report was held.  Jerry Wood, the incumbent, was re-elected.

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