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Rick Miller is Editor and Publisher for HLCS. Our mission is to provide Heritage Lake News, when you want it, the way you want it. To that end we provide the monthly Heritage Highlights, and the annual Telephone Directory along with our Web Site.

March of 2021 Rick celebrated his 23rd year as a resident of Heritage Lake and he is

an active member of the Lake Committee, the Long Term Planning Committee and the 50th Anniversary Committee. Recently Rick developed the testing system to suppor the POA with their implementation of the new Lake Rules and testing. He also developed a Citation system to assist Lake Security with capturing and recording violations.


  • Proofreader
    Extraordinary attention to detail!
  • SocialMedia Champion
    SocialMedia Champion
    For giving us a shout out on Social Media
  • Directory Specialist
    Directory Specialist
    Assisting with the 2020 Directory
  • Contributor
    Valuable Content Contributed
  • Financial Support
    Financial Support
    Extraordinary Advertiser supporting our publications
  • Treasurer
    Valuable support as HLCS Officer and Treasurer
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