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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

At HLCS we are once again preparing to publish the annual Heritage Lake Directory.

Note that we are changing the way we get our White Page listings of Residents.

To be included even if you were listed last year, you must fill out a form and OPT-IN to allow us to publish your listing. We DO NOT and WILL NOT use the information you provide for any other purpose!

We have a very specific format for the data you give us that will help us efficiently collect the White Page data. Instructions are provided on the form to help you give us data that will be printed as follows:

Miller, Rick & Pam…GB026…Heritage Dr…57-58………………..317-766-4118

There are 2 ways to navigate to the White Page Listings form as follows: (they will work from a PC or a Mobile Phone)

1. From the HLCS web site at this link:

2. Use your phone’s camera to read this QR Code

The deadline we need for you to submit your information is November 30, 2023.

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