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Oct 2021 Gov Committee Report

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Gov Committee Report to Board 10-11-2021

This report highlights local government decisions pertinent to Heritage Lake/Putnam County residents:

• Jerrell Consulting appeared before the commissioners to report on COVID Phase 3 OCRA Grants awarded to county small businesses. 26 businesses were awarded $9,615.00 each

• Commissioners report that IEDC (Indiana Economic Development Commission) and ARP (American Rescue Plan) funds are applied for, and include Clear Creek Conservancy District wastewater treatment plant expansion. Per Commissioner Woodall, no funds were requested for anything to do with a municipal water supply for HL, as the CCCD informed the ARP Committee that CCCD has no interest in a municipal water supply. As a member of the Long Term Planning, I had proposed and gotten agreement from LTP committee members to investigate test wells as a way to monitor our 2 aquifers, as this community continues to grow by leaps and bounds. I am working to get info on test wells from IN DNR. I encourage all residents to remember this CCCD action when Conservancy Board seats come up for vote in the future.

• PC EMS Director Kelly Russ was recognized as 1 of the top 40 EMS Directors under the age of 40 at a national ceremony in Texas.

• IEDC reported that unemployment in PC is now at 3.6%, same as before the pandemic. Unemployment at this time last year is reported at 5.9%.

CCCD meeting 09162021

• 1543 account locations reported, number continues to grow with all the new homes being added. Count was at 1438 in March of 2020, 105 homes added in ~18 months.

• Board was asked about possibility to place an eagle perch lakeside on the Conservancy point. Duane Kelly asked for a member survey before granting such permission. Survey task was passed on to POA office.

Next Gov Committee meeting will be Wed Oct 20, to follow the LTP meeting starting at 6pm.

Next American Rescue Plan Committee meeting is tomorrow, Tues Oct 12 at 6:30pm at the EMS Building on the square in GC.

BWWA (Big Walnut Watershed Alliance) meeting will be held here in the HL Clubhouse conference room on Oct 19 at 10am.

Lastly, I want to report that I will be stepping down as Gov Committee Chair, as I am in process of closing the sale of my home and moving on to a new chapter. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve this community. I will be around for 1 more Board meeting.

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