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Government Committee report 4/12/2021

County Commissioners meeting 3/15

  • Airport Board appointment was on the docket, but due to absence of Commissioners President Rick Woodall from this meeting, appointment postponed till next meeting 4/5/2021

  • Health Dept Administrator Joni Young made formal introduction to Commissioners of newly appointed County Health Officer Dr Adam Amos. Dr Amos offered a brief statement about county Covid situation: 3390 cases and 60 deaths. Numbers declining but masking and social distancing still recommended. County government continues to mandate masks and distancing within government facilities.

  • 6 new dump trucks delivered to Hwy dept week of March 8

  • Announcement of approval of grant money for Peoples Pathways to purchase land at east edge of county to complete the extension of The National Heritage Trail in to Hendricks County

County Council meeting 3/16/2021

  • Health Dept appeared before the Council to request approval for 2nd County Nurse position. Commissioner Woodall also appeared to reinforce this appeal, recommending to fund this position for 2021 with remaining CARES Act funds, EDIT funds and/or Rainy Day fund. This salary would be incorporated into Health Dept budget in future years. Furthermore it was recommended to approve a pay increase to $50k for Nurse 1 (existing/experienced) and $47k for new Nurse 2 position. Council approved unanimously.

  • Sheriff Stockton appeared to request a “fair rank pay differential” between Sgt and Cpl. Approved New diff is now 1k/year.

  • Additional funding approvals voted in for EMA/911 and continue funding for EMS HQ vehicle. Previously approved funds for EMS Additional was approved for disbursement.

  • Commissioner Woodall announced that discussions are underway with Hwy Dept to create a Hwy plan per county district. There are 3 districts within the county, and Heritage Lake falls into District 1, represented by Commissioner Dave Berry. More to come as this develops.

  • Commissioner Woodall also recommended county officials consider to develop a County Park Board in order to be eligible for DNR grants, which would not cost the county.

CCCD meeting 3/18/2021

  • Manhole inspections resuming now that ground is no longer too dry to reveal intrusions into sewer system. Previous inspections did reveal damages that allowed ground water to intrude into sewer system, and more are expected to be found. This action is one part of a solution to prior plant flow overages cited by IDEM.

  • CCCD Board is considering how to deal with “danger trees” on CCCD-owned lots in HL Community, mostly dead ash trees.

  • Account locations as of this meeting (active lot connections to sewer system) are at 1519, up from 1438 in March 2020.

  • CCCD reports increasing number of late payments/late payment penalty fees assessed, primarily due to Post Office delays. CCCD Board approved waivers on late fees for several accounts due to PO delays. If you incur a late fee you believe not to be deserved, you have a right to appeal for such waiver. The waivers granted were evidenced by post marks revealing proper payment attempt.

  • There was discussion to prohibit parking on emergency spillway area as has occurred at previous fireworks events. Imminent details not known at this writing.

Government Committee changes

  • Nina Stebbins is the newly appointed HLPOA Board Liaison to Gov Comm. Date/time change for Gov Comm is under consideration.Current schedule for Gov Comm monthly meeting is the 4th Thursday of the month at 10am. (Editors note: The time has now been changed to be the 3rd Wednesdays at 6:00 at the Clubhouse)

  • Gov Committee reporting will begin to be reported on HL social media pages per meeting occurrence. The intention is to deliver more timely reporting on county government activity. Current meetings covered include Commissioners monthly meetings (1st and 3rd Mondays at 9am Courthouse), Council monthly meeting (3rd Tuesday 6pm Courthouse), Clear Creek Conservancy District monthly meetings (2nd Thursday 10am at CCCD office at the plant on dam), Health Department quarterly meetings and Floyd Twp Fire quarterly meetings. Monthly HLPOA Board meeting reports will continue as a compilation of meetings attended.

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