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Government Committee - February 2020

By: Dick Werner

PC Commissioners Both entities approved a new local ordinance announcing broadband readiness. With this ordinance in place, local suppliers, i.e. Endeavor, may now apply for IEDC funding. Council voted that Dave Fuhrman remains President, Jill Bridgewater appointed as Vice President.

Council Board member Danny Wallace will remain liaison for Op Life until the end of the year. After 2020, Putnam County EMS will not have Council liaison, as is consistent with all other County-run departments.

Joe Cooper appointed to Airport Board. Op Life has been approved to purchase a backup (used) ambulance for Putnam county EMS from their remaining account balance.

I petitioned the Commissioners, on behalf of HLPOA, for permission to place a financial responsibility notice in county offices in an attempt to increase notification to, and decrease unpaid POA dues, new HL property owners. Request was denied, citing paper clutter and setting a precedent. Members suggested posting on CH lobby bulletin board, which was done. Further suggested to seek sales disclosure by township from assessor’s office. Commissioners approved a motion to move forward with Jarred Associates on a county income survey in order to likely qualify the county for a matching grant for a new County Comprehensive Plan. State will fund such plan at 50k dollars, with 7.5k dollars matched from County. Highway Dept has completed submission to state for County Crossings grant.

CCCD next meeting Thursday Feb. 20, 10am at Conservancy office, PC Health Board public meeting Feb 13, 6:30pm PC Hospital Classroom 1 third floor and the next Gov Comm meeting Thursday Feb 27 at 10 am Clubhouse.

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Dick Werner
Dick Werner
Apr 04, 2020

I have been on hiatus from Courthouse proceedings due to COVID19, the courthouse lockdown, and my own choice for protection. I have yet to find info on meetings I’ve missed (County Council and County Commissioners), and hope to find that the county has provided a way to communicate proceedings in this climate, as they are bound by law to meet for the continuance of county operations. Stay healthy neighbors!

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